Future Development

  The Multi-purpose building will include an Interpretive Center for our Christ Serve Academy, an indoor arena, classrooms, labs, a gift shop, library, a technology center, kitchen, and staples. The indoor arena will be used for our Equine College, special events, sports events, and as a conference center.
What kid doesn't love dinosaurs? We will have life size dinosaurs displayed in a multi-acre park. They will be displayed using some of the most current scientific information regarding dinosaurs.  
  A 19th Century Farmsite is being developed on the property. It will include a log cabin, small barn, period horse drawn equipment, and common livestock and garden of the era.
Christ Serve Ranch is at the confluence of the Dakota prairies and the woods of Minnesota. Up to 60 acres of prairie will be reclaimed from current farmland. Elementary schools will be encouraged in helping us select grass and flower varieties. Students will also be invited to help harvest some of the seeds.  
  One of the original goals of Christ Serve Ranch was to provide a place for people who want to participate in programs to park their RVs. We will have about 20 sites available for volunteers, instructors, and participants in our program.
Christ Serve Ranch has some old growth oak trees that are hundreds of years old. They will serve as the anchors for a series of treehouses that will be suspended between them, accessed by walkways and ladders.